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Desktop Earth Time Zones  v.7.2.1

Desktop Earth Time Zones 7.2.1 is a distinguished and tractable tool which can help you see current times for different cities around the world on your desktop. Designed to be easy to use. You can easily add any city in any time zones to your

Time Zones for Mac OS  v.1.2

Displays different clocks in various styles for all time zones within the mac system settings. - Your Local Time (ie your computer setting) is displayed in the centre of the screen. - The alternative clock can be read if you count the highlighted

Time Zones Clock  v.2.1

Running on your PC Time Zone Clock will show you the local time of over 300 cities around the world. Simply select the cities you want to display the local time and they will be displayed on your desktop.

Zone Manager  v.1.4.3

Take control of Windows' Time Zones!

Blue Time  v.1.1

Is a small freeware program that shows time in many Time Zones! Main features : • Many Time Zones. • 12/24 Hours mode. • Previous/Next

World Time System Tray  v.1.4

A system tray widget which shows the current date/time in multiple time zones. It also allows the user to display "what time is it in XXX if its this time in YYY". Available for any Java 6 (or better)

CLOX World Time Zone Clock  v.7

CLOX is an easy to use world clock software package which gives you of both analog and digital clocks showing the time in different world time zones. You choose the timezones you want to display. Along with the timezone clocks comes a series of other

Cybertime  v.1.18

To standardize the times across international time zones with no confusion.

1st Clock - the clock you can't live without  v.1.0

1st Clock is a taskbar clock replacement that offers a fully customizable clock display with multiple time zones, alarms, atomic time synchronization, popup calendar and more.

1-st Virtual Multi Zone Promotional Clock  v.2.3

3D animated desktop alarm clock displays time in 3 time zones at once. Clocks may be customized and used as promotional gifts. Fun animations and sounds accompany useful features such as alarms and reminders.

World Clock ScreenSaver  v.1.0

World Clock ScreenSaver is a Flash based free screensaver created with Flash ScreenSaver Builder that shows your local and five major time zones.

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Free  v.

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Free places bids in the last seconds of auctions. Features: supports 16 countries of eBay international sites * supports all time zones, does not change local machine time * no spyware, pop-ups, or adware * secure

Analogtime Lite  v.2.0

AnalogTime is a software program that displays local time for all international time zones. You can select the time zone and customize the label for each clock displayed. The Lite version includes: * Three (3) clocks * Integrated advertising (see

CityTime Alarms  v.1.2

CityTime Alarms is the alarms module for the industry leading CityTime world time system. It provides multiple international alarms and timers in an easy to use system that makes managing events across multiple time zones simple. CityTime Alarms is

WorldTimes for Mac OS  v.1.2.2

A clear and compact world clock that displays up to 12 different time zones from a database of more than 420 worldwide locations. With a small, understated display, WorldTimes takes up little screen space but always lets you see the time in the

HurbisTime  v.2. 4. 2003

HurbisTime is a FREEWARE program. HurbisTime displays the times for any amount of different time zones. The program is very useful when you communicate with people in other parts of the globe. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish,

WorldTime  v.1.1

Is a small freeware program that shows time in many Time Zones! Main features : a€? Many Time Zones. a€? 12/24 Hours mode. a€? Previous/Next

Multi Zone Clock  v.2.02.02

Multi Zone Clock is a simple and highly configurable multi time zone clock and calendar plus highly configurable advance alarm clock. This Program creates any number of clocks with deferent time zones and many more . Give it a try and enjoy

World Domination: Path to Victory  v.1.0

World Domination - Path to Victory is the first game of Domination Studios. The game will be an RTS Wargame that plays trough several Time Zones:WW1WW2NowFutureThe game is based on an old forum game played on a Dutch

Clavius  v.1.0

Clavius allows developers to augment their applications with an accurate Gregorian calendar/time library. Clavius allows applications to record date and time in coordinated universal time. Clavius supports varying time zones and date format endianness.

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